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The Tifosi Rana Bug-Eye Sprite conversion kits

This is a simple build, which entails un-bolting all the outer panels forward including front fenders/mudguards, bonnet & front grill panel, (all of which parts are very saleable) Cutting away the outer skin of the bodywork to the rear of the "B" pillar/door latch area. Note:- In the base kit model, the original MkII or MG Midget doors may be retained c/w wind up windows where fitted.

The front section of the Tifosi bodywork, which tilts forward can be securely located using the Tifosi Rana's specially manufactured front mounted hinge arrangement with existing mounting holes in the donor cars chassis rails & the rear section is then rivetted/bonded in place using special adaptors. Because of the quality of the panels, preparation for painting is made simpler as there are few, if any flash moulding lines to remove.

The Tifosi Rana completed car now simply requires painting in order to complete the project and ENJOY!

The Standard Kit Package is the perfect option for the builders who want a car that to the casual observer appears to be a Bug-eye model, but offers the more modern luxury of wind up windows (this would surely have been the natural evolution of the bug-eye IF the original style had not been superceded with the MkII or 'Midget" shape).

The build of the version is further simplified with the retention of the standard donor car dashboard & doors.

It is recommended that a collapsible steering column be fitted during the conversion if the vehicle donor model used does not have one as standard.

The Standard Kit Consists of:-

  • Front body moulding
  • Rear body moulding
  • Specially designed front hinge mechanism
  • Hinge mounting pack
  • Bonnet opening restraints (x2)
  • Bonnet security latches
  • Scuttle edge trim
  • Hood frame sockets
  • Bonnet locator guides
  • Front inner arch edge trim
  • Rear inner wing reinforcements (x2)
  • Boot floor rear corner in-fill panels (x2)
  • Boot floor to rear body work mounting plate
  • Mounting bolt pack
  • Rivet pack
  • Body sealant / Bonding agent (x2)
  • Rear stop / tail light unit (x2)
  • Rear direction indicator lamps (x2)
  • Front direction indicator lamps (x2)
  • Rear number plate light
  • Headlamp bowls (x2)
  • Rear "tear drops" for hood rail & tonneau
  • "Flip" Fuel filler cap
  • Build Manual

Authentique Kit Package:
This kit can also be supplied as a special order. The kit consists of components including the standard kit plus:-

  • Original style doors (x2)
  • Original style dash board (bare)
  • Build manual supplement

Please note:- Side door intrusion bars need to be fitted by the builder to these doors for registration in NSW.

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Austin Healey bug eye sprite

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